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Response to CryptoInfoWatch

We would like to respond to CryptoInfoWatch as they are wrongly describing our system.

But first we want to agree with and clarify one thing: you might lose your capital participating in BTCProfitSystem, that is, you might lose 11$ in case you can’t find 11 people to join this system.

Where do your 11$ go? 1$ goes to pay for the bitcoin transaction fees, server, advertising and, we believe it’s acceptable, a very small tiny part to us. The remaining 10 US$ are shared with your 10 parents.

Now that we have clarified the only point, let’s go and see what mistakes they have made describing our system.

1st Mistake: You get money when you have found 5 people. FALSE!

You will get your first dollar as soon as you find the first person and he or she pays 11$. When you find 5 paying people, you will become a GOLD member. This means that you will have the opportunity to earn from people invited by SOMEONE ELSE!
Yes, you got it right, let’s say this once again: 
  • you have invited 5 paying people and
  • you just became a GOLD user
  • now, one of your GOLD parents invites a new paying user.
  • because your parent is GOLD and he’s got 5 children, he can’t have the sixth
  • the new child is placed under one of your non-GOLD children
  • so you earn 1$!

This is literally free money for you because, apart from getting GOLD, you didn’t have to do anything to get this commission!

2nd Mistake/false allusion: we earn 1$ from every person

As stated above we don’t really earn 1$ for every person who joins the system. First because there is a bitcoin transaction fee that must be paid, and this is paid by us, so your profit isn’t touched. Secondly, it is true and clear that we have to pay for the server, advertising and also get back the investment for the software that manages all this. So, our real profit is around 10 cents, which is maybe even too low! But low or high, whatever it is, is it illegal to have a profit as long as we keep what we promised people?

And then there is one more consideration: if you want to make a brand new system for your own, you will spend thousands and thousands of dollars and time to implement it, test it, advertise it and so on. Plus you will have the same ongoing expenses that we also face. But if you pay 66$ you will have 10 levels on the pyramid and if you invite users from the 11th level, you will get 10$ each time a user signs up!
You are basically getting a complex and fully working system for just 66$. This is not being fair, this is almost being silly.

3rd Mistake: this system is not sustainable: FALSE

The system is completely sustainable forever because it’s giving linear commission when someone joins the system. We are not giving profit out of thin air.

4th Mistake: High potential income not possible: FALSE

We stated it clearly: POTENTIAL INCOME. We didn’t say “easy” or “fast” HIGH INCOME. We said VERY HIGH POTENTIAL INCOME. Which is true. The bigger your network, the bigger the results, of course. But if you structure it well, it will run like a charm.
And… we are on the same boat because we are also doing marketing with the same instruments that you have too. As the levels of the pyramid, if you want to be on top of it, pay 66$ and you will earn 10$ for every user you invite. We strongly believe that 66$ is a super fair sum of money to have a fully working system like this. Actually, we should prevent this option.

5th Mistake: We are a band of criminals who will escape with the money: FALSE

We are not criminals, we are a group of guys who grew up in the 80s and at that time there was no internet and no crypto, but there were chains such as this one. At that time you received a letter by ordinary mail with names written on it. You had to send 1$ to each of the 10 people on top, write a new letter removing the first name and adding yours on the bottom.
We wanted to make that old memory back to reality and make it fair. We believe we did. And no, we are not taking down the site because, once again, it is completely self-sustainable, so the site will live for many years to come.

6th Mistake: scam because we don’t reveal our identities: FALSE

Let’s start saying that the site which is accusing us is also quite anonymous and there is no company name or link. There is only a plain name, that can be real or completely fake.
That said, we chose not to reveal our names because as you can see, even though our system is very (too?) fair, there is always someone, in some jurisdictions, who can make troubles with us. Also, since our profits are not that high as they want you to believe, we may not have enough funds to protect ourselves in front of the law.
Last but not least, this is not an high yield investment program. The difference is that in those programs you have to do nothing and you get paid to do nothing until they collapse.


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