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Response to CryptoInfoWatch

We would like to respond to CryptoInfoWatch as they are wrongly describing our system. But first we want to agree with and clarify one thing: you might lose your capital participating in BTCProfitSystem, that is, you might lose 11$ in case you can’t find 11 people to join this system. Where do your 11$ go? 1$ goes to pay for the bitcoin transaction fees, server, advertising and, we believe it’s acceptable, a very small tiny part to us. The remaining 10 US$ are shared with your 10 parents. Now that we have clarified the only point, let’s go and see what mistakes they have made describing our system. 1 st Mistake: You get money when you have found 5 people. FALSE! You will get your first dollar as soon as you find the first person and he or she pays 11$. When you find 5 paying people, you will become a GOLD member. This means that you will have the opportunity to earn from people invited by SOMEONE ELSE! Yes, you got it right, let’s say this once again: